Monetizing Connected Vehicle Data for Improved Safety, Mobility, and Forecasting

Our philosophy is simple:  Use MetTech intelligence to monetize connected vehicle data to propagate its use for improving safety and mobility for all road users.   

For Data Owners

Enrich core product data offerings while generating new revenue streams in Tier 1 & 2 markets

Monitor and analyze vehicle parts and performance under real world conditions.


Generate revenue from new verticals.  Productize and package data across all verticals affected by weather

Data Owners

Data owners can appropriate value from connected vehicle data while providing public benefit through improved safety and improved mobility for all road users.


Improve Internal Processes

LiveRoad can provide a range of MetTech analysis tools to improve internal efficiency or reduce costs, including weather regression analysis against parts failure or improved predictive maintenance. 

LiveRoad can provide visualization of vehicle performance in real-world conditions in near real-time, or reanalysis for ML or AI training applications.

Enrich Core Data Offerings

Core infotainment, navigation, and ADAS systems have access to enhanced data offerings and brand differentiation with improved road weather modeling and hazard identification.  


New revenue stream through collaborative product sales to Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers offset the costs of enhanced offerings while improving driver and vehicle safety.

Monetize Data Across Industries

LiveRoad’s team of experts in the weather industry understand the value of sensor data for improved forecasting, and how to optimize that value across product offerings and  market segments. 


Our team have experience and strong relationships across the public sector, energy, renewables, agriculture, insurance, retail, and transportation.  We appropriate value and monetize your data across verticals.

Data Users we serve

Vehicle sensor data is a valuable asset for not only improving vehicle safety and mobility, but for improving weather forecasting.  LiveRoad addresses the challenges of traditional meteorology delivering better forecasts.  How will improved weather forecasting help your bottom line?

ADAS & Navigation

LiveRoad analyzes road segments for increased safety or delay risk like never before.  Lane Level data improve safety and mobility.

Fleet Logistics

Identify the weather risk and delay exposure of your network.  Improve safety and efficiency through data driven insights.

Smart Cities & Public Sector

Leveraging next-generation MetTech, LiveRoad Analytics provide public sector entities with streamlined solutions for smart traffic management and smart cities.

Energy & Utilities

LiveRoad Weather delivers high resolution historical grids and MOS corrected forecasts beyond the capabilities of traditional providers.


LiveRoad Weather supports AgTech solutions for rural and remote areas like never before. We solve the remote sensor problem calibrating models for high resolution results.

General Weather

How is your business affected by weather?  Let LiveRoad help identify and mitigate your risk. Predictive modeling provides valuable insight.





The LiveRoad geospatial analytics platform combines connected vehicle data, with meteorological and third party datasets for improved atmospheric and road weather modeling.  An application layer provides a wide range of MetTech tools such as weather regression analysis and predictive risk or delay modeling.

LiveSign API's

LiveSign is the API and delivery mechanism for LiveRoad.  API's include:

  • Road Weather Modeling

  • Route Risk and Delay

  • Road Surface Weather    

  • Road Hazards

  • Road Segment Profiling

  • Vehicle Specific Analysis

  • Historical Weather & Forecasts

About Us

LiveRoad consists of a strong executive team all with long careers in the ITS, Smart Cities, Telematics, and the Weather Industry.  A very strong Board brings a wealth of industry knowledge and investment banking background. Our meteorological team consists of PhD meteorologists with respected research backgrounds in CV data and road weather modeling from NCAR.


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